Anniversary of Famed Tejano Artist Selena Quintanilla

On the 24th anniversary of the death of Tejano artist Selena Quintanilla fans still mourn her loss. It has become a moment in history. El Tejano asked, Where were you when you heard Selena had been killed?

I had just spoken with Selena’s dad Abraham about three weeks before. Was trying to contract her for the National Hispanic Journalist aAssociation Convention that would take place in El Paso/Juarez the following year. – Oscar Barrera

Freshman year in High school in my Algebra class.. A friend came in and said he had just heard teachers in the office talking about it.. No one believed him .. when I got home saw it on the news.. – Gisela Alaniz

In Río Grande Middle school saw it on channel one news at the school 😥- José Cruz

Para variar, estaba en la plaza del Barrio!! Que raro!! – Maria Garcia

I was right across from the hotel watching it all happen it’s was crazy that day in corpus Christ Texas – Maria Velasquez

At the car wash , washing my car here in Rio – Irene Solis

Yo en ARKANSAS de PASEO cuando llegue a mision.tx me lleve la mala noticia. – Esmeralda Garza

I was on the school trip featured on the left side of the front page. – José Daniel Ozuna

Me acuerdo que andaba barriendo la calle en cada de mi madre y por cierto estaba el día feo, estaba llovisnando. – Elizabeth de la Garza

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