Tell it Like it Is



I’ve written a piece or two while angry… In fact I’ve written an editorial fuming but those feeling, I assure you, were merely superficial. It was usually a politician that was disrespectful or someone behaved in a way that mimics the prehistoric era.  Nonetheless this week I’m writing in a deep seeded feeling of anger.


Not only was a close relative brutally and senselessly killed in her parent’s home but the suspected killer was recently patrolled.  My anger has been fueled by knowing, and yes this is fact that the suspected murderer had 35 prior cases against him.  Yes I checked.  Not just any old cases, oh no, he has had charges filed against him including; evading arrest,, burglary of a vehicle,, resisting arrest, terrorist threat, assault causing bodily injury, aggravated assault causing serious injury, burglary of a habitation, attempted murder, credit card fraud, aggravated assault of a public servant, deadly weapon in penal institution, and more. His original release date from prison was November of 2024.  The recommendation from the prosecutor at the time that he was convicted states that the state does not recommend parole and yet immediately when he was eligible he was released.


Now I’m on a personal journey to know WHY?  Because no father should walk into his home to find his youngest daughter in a pool of blood.  No family should have to endure the pain our family has and will for years to come.


I understand full well that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty but we cannot hold the rights of a possible murderer over the rights of his innocent victim.   Justice for Valeria is more than a conviction, which my family fully expects, but rather changes so that no other family has their loved one taken from them at the hands of a criminal.  #justiceforval

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