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I can’t help but side with my colleagues from The Monitor in their latest editorial in regards to the actions of the Cary Zayas, Director of Communications for the City of Edinburg.


During the arrest of Edinburg Mayor Richard Molina and his wife Delia Molina for an illegal voting scheme Zayas stole headlines for her behavior.  Before I continue let me remind you, as the reader, that this one of two pieces that are nothing more than my opinions.


Taking into consideration that we are talking about the valley, where it is notoriously difficult to see transparency in government actions it’s not surprising that reporters would be upset at Zayas actions.  If you haven’t seen the video Zayas mocks reporters and physically blocks the views of cameras as the two defendants get into Department of Public Safety vehicles.  Regardless of how you feel about the accusations against the elected official these actions should be upsetting to every voter.  Often times public relations, communications and others in similar positions seem to believe that their most important duty is to be some sort of publicist of the elected.  It’s understandable, I suppose.  If the elected had an active role in you being hired you want them reelected and of course making sure their reputation is positive helps.  However, let me remind everyone that those that are employees of any governmental or school district their salary is paid by tax payers.  The loyalty should in turn be with the residents not the elected official.


I can’t begin to tell you how many cases I’ve had to cover accurately that involved those I care for and yet I had a job to do.  Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and everyone has the right to due process but let’s not let the rights of those accused of wrongdoing come at the price of the innocent or the taxpayers.


If you want the truth to be sad support local media outlets that are not censored by elected officials.  In Starr County those are rare.  Remember our relationship with La Pistolera ended when there was an attempt to be censored by the County Judge.  The truth will prevail only with the support of our community.  How can you help? Consider advertising with El Tejano and at minimum call us when you see news in the making, 956-240-4070.  Thank you Starr County for all of your support.

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