Border Patrol Agents Seize over 1,500 pounds of Marijuana

As U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley continue to deal with overwhelming number of illegal aliens traversing through the region, agents disrupted several marijuana smuggling attempts.

On Friday afternoon, agents patrolling the Rio Grande observed a small boat loaded with bundles of narcotics make landfall on the U.S. riverbank south of Fronton, Texas. Agents watched as smugglers loaded the bundles into a white Chevrolet Tahoe. As mobile units responded, the Tahoe left the area at a high rate of speed. When the driver of the Tahoe encountered the Border Patrol units, the driver made a U-turn and returned to the river. Agents reported seeing several subjects exit the Tahoe carrying bundles in their arms as they fled to Mexico. Riverine units in the area recovered several bundles of marijuana abandoned in the river. Additionally, agents located several more bundles abandoned inside the Tahoe. The marijuana weighed over 750 pounds, worth an estimated $605K.

On Sunday afternoon, agents working near El Ranchito, Texas, responded to the report of several subjects illegally crossing the Rio Grande with bundles of marijuana. As agents converged on the area, the smugglers abandoned the bundles and fled to Mexico. Agents recovered five bundles of marijuana weighing over 375 pounds, worth an estimated $303K.

Additionally, over the past three days, Border Patrol agents stopped five separate narcotic smuggling attempts resulting in the seizure of over 500 pounds of marijuana with an estimated value of $426K.

Border Patrol is investigating each case accordingly.

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