Family Survives Major Accident

A major accident was reported last Friday night on FM 755 north of La Gloria around 8:30pm.  Originally the accident was rumored to include up to three vehicles and there was a possibility of a fatality.


At the scene were Texas Department of Public Safety troopers and Starr County Sheriff’s Office deputies.  The low visibility made it hard to see what vehicles were affected.  The following morning David and Samantha Gonzalez sent pictures of the accident to El Tejano showing the extent of the damage.  While the couple does not remember just what happened unofficial reports confirm that the accident was caused by a cow that had been hit by a trailer.  In the vehicle with the couple was their two-week-old baby that thankfully was unharmed.


“I wanted to give thanks to the guys that helped me and husband last night we didn’t get their name but thank you so much ❤🙏🏻,” said Samantha Gonzalez.

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