Four Years After Relationship Woman Arrested 

A Rio Grande City Police Department records clerks identified as Triva Solis (37) was arrested on an indictment of improper relationship between educator and student last Friday.

Solis is accused of having sexual intercourse with a student enrolled at Rio Grande City CISD on or about December 1st of 2015. At the time Solis, who was around 32 years of age was employed by the Rio Grande City CISD as a paraprofessional. Human Resources Director for the school district, Dr. Arcadio Salinas III confirmed that Solis was an employee of the district from November of 2013 to October of 2017. “The District is aware of the arrest. The District does not want to interfere with the criminal proceeding and thus any further comment would not be appropriated.” Salinas did confirm that Solis had resigned before she left the district.

The clerk had worked with a different department of the City of Rio Grande City but had been moved to her current position about six months ago. City Attorney Calixtro Villarreal did not have knowledge of what the repercussions to her employment would be but did share the city’s policy in regards to staff that has been been arrested.

Although previously the City had a policy of automatic termination of any employee arrested the policy was modified in March of 2019. The policy now states that an employee may be transferred to another position, the duties may change, can be suspended without pay or can be terminated. Said policy does acknowledge that every staff member must be able to perform their duties ethically, competently and with integrity.

Decisions are made on a case by case basis but the severity of the crime alleged is a key determining factor. Police Chief Noe Castillo explained that the department will follow City policy in determining what the next step will be to another media outlet.

Solis was released after posting a $50,000 surety bond. She is expected to appear in the 229th District Court on October 15 for arraignment.

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