Laredo Man Causes Accident

Juan Carlos Moreno of Laredo was arrested on two charges after causing a three-vehicle accident while under the influence of alcohol.

Rio Grande City Police officers were dispatched to the eastern side of the city on Saturday, June 1st. At about 9pm a three-vehicle accident created chaos and momentarily stopped traffic. A preliminary investigation leads officers to believe that the red 2004 Chevrolet Suburban driven by Moreno drove onto incoming traffic. Said vehicle was driving westbound. The two other vehicles; a red 2010 Cadillac sedan and a white 2008 Ford F250 were traveling eastbound.

On the scene were Texas State troopers, Rio Grande City Police officers, Starr County Sheriff’s Office deputies, and first responders. Moreno according to law enforcement smelled of alcohol and witnesses observed when they conducted a field sobriety test.

Although some of the victims were transported to a nearby hospital fortunately no one was severely injured.

Moreno was arrested and booked at the Starr Count Jail on two charges; intoxication assault and driving while under the influence. What causes more concern is that this was not the only accident caused by a drunk driver. The list of arrests this week also shows an arrest for Victor Eleazar Ramon on charges of accident involving damage to a vehicle and driving while under the influence. A report by print deadline was not yet available but the charges validate that it could be a similar incident. In a county that has already been shaken by several manslaughter cases it is imperative that we as a community put an end to such reckless actions.

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