Letter to the Editor

It’s so sad to see everyone putting comments about Bibi and Julian as if u all knew who they were ! Whatever Bibi did for a living is no one’s business we don’t recall him bothering anyone or dipping in anyone’s life! It’s sad u all sit behind social media to talk bad about victims because that is what they were victims of a malicious crime ! We wish this pain to no one not even the people who did this to our family! Do u all think that we felt joy being in this situation ! Not at all this is a horrible pain and no one should be giving their opinion on a situation that has nothing to do with them! Its already sickening to see that ppl are blaming this crime on corruption! Really???? Corruption u tell us what corruption has to do with all this ? Everyone is responsible for their own actions! Smh u really think if u go and do something wrong its corrupted cops fault too ! Yeah, it’s easier to blame someone else but that is not how its ! U think blaming someone else for UR actions will take away what U did! Go somewhere w all that ppl! Get real! We the family feel the Mr. Rebollar was a victim of this crime too because he was used for this crime! He is not the only responsible no one is saying that ! The jury found him guilty r u all gonna sit there and say the jury was corrupt! 🙄 ok if he is innocent take your evidence to the law apparently u all know more than the law! Leave Bibi and Julian alone let them rest! To all the ppl who have send condolences we send u our most sincere thanks 🙏! We would like to thank Our DA Omar Escobar his assistants , Texas Rangers, Starr co Sheriff’s office, EMT , Crime Victims’ Advocates for everything u all have done for our family ! We want all victims to have justice and we r sure our DA and his team will help all families going through this! Time, patience and faith is key! We thank God for giving us a loving family the opportunity to love Bibi and Julian we love them more and more each day and know they will forever be with us in heaven and earth 😇😇 we love u to the moon and back and may u all get the justice u deserve ! We will never lose hope and faith that everyone involved will pay! Bibi, we know who u were in life and that is all that matters everyone else is irrelevant! Thanks for being an amazing son, father, brother , uncle , husband, cousin, friend …. Tejano : sorry for using your page but enough is enough and it’s not your fault you’re just doing your job but unfortunately society is pathetic!!!!!


Garcia Family

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