Most Inspirational Teacher, Mr. Adan Luera

Often times teachers, those at the frontlines of education, are the unsung heroes that go above and beyond their job description. This year El Tejano asked for nominations and conducted an intensive search for the “Most Inspirational Teacher” of Starr County with the generous support of Jesse Gonzalez of J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys.

Starr County has spoken Mr. Adan Luera of Roma Middle School was chosen with hefty margin. Mr. Luera is a veteran teacher with more than 25 years working with students and 25 years as a teacher. He teaches 8th grade Science but the comments made by former students is that he does not just teach but truly inspires his students to reach their full potential. Not only is Mr. Luera respected by former students but staff and administration agree that this honor is only a testament of his hard work.

Principal Danelo Gonzalez stated that it was really no surprise that the winner would be from his campus. Gonzalez spoke about the culture at Roma Middle School and the high expectations the staff has of their students. Most of the teachers teaching at his campus are veterans and the school outranks all the middle schools in Starr County.

Congratulations to every teacher nominated, our top finalists and Mr. Adan Luera for being a light in the path of so many. To each and every one of our Starr County teachers THANK YOU!

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