Nearly 9 Kilos of Cocaine Seized at Roma Port of Entry

A woman in her early 20s was arrested at the Roma Port of Entry when agents discovered nearly 9 kilos of cocaine in the vehicle she was driving.


On Friday, June 28th Yarizma Yamileth Pena arrived at the Roma Port of Entry aboard a grey Chevrolet Aveo.  Pena, who is a United States Citizen, was the only person in the car and stated that she had nothing to declare.


The vehicle was referred to the X-ray inspection station randomly.  There the machine detected several anomalies in the front and rear passenger side doors.  Agents conducted a secondary inspection of the car while Pena was held inside the Port of Entry office.  With the assistance of two K-9 officers the narcotics were detected.  Agents removed a total of eight packages.  Four from the inside the passenger side front door and four packages from the passenger side rear door. In total the narcotics weighed 8.90 kilograms and the substance tested positive for cocaine.


During questioning Pena stated she was the only owner of the car and had been in possession of the car for the last four years.  Pena also confirmed that she had not let anyone borrow the car or had any mechanical work done.  According to her statement a male friend had given her $300 to  buy shoes in McAllen.


She is set for a preliminary exam and detention hearing on Wednesday, July 3rd.

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