Ordered to Five Days Jail

Chayse Olivarez

José Luis Garcia Jr., one of the suspects accused in the murder of 17-year-old Chayse Olivarez was ordered to spend five days in the Hidalgo County jail. The prosecution had raised questions of a violation of his bond conditions and sought to have his bond revoked.


Chayse Olivarez made headlines when he reported missing by family members at the end of June of 2017.  In August of that same here the remains of the seventeen-year-old were found in a rural part of County near Roma.  Days later, on August 10th  two juvenile suspects were arrested.  The day after Jose Luis Garcia Jr. was arrested.  According to the allegations from the beginning Garcia Jr. was believed to have been the one that paid at least one other suspect to at the very least assist in the crime.


The process has included the complicated process of certifying the juveniles to be tried as adults and the cases were moved to neighboring Hidalgo County.


When a suspect is granted a bond there are a number of conditions that they must follow in order to await their court proceeding outside of confinement.  In the case of Jose Luis Garcia Jr. one of the conditions included that he must be accompanied by one of his parents any time he was leaving his home.


The motion was filed to revoke the bond posted by Garcia because he had driven to an appointment with his probation officer.  He was accompanied by a close friend, an 18-year-old female. According to the information disclosed during the hearing in the 398th District Court, his father was working in McAllen and his mother did not want to leave his siblings alone. The mother explained the situation to the probation officer and the father of Garcia followed him back to Rio Grande City after his appointment.


After listening to the prosecution and defense attorneys O. Rene Flores and Daniel J. Garcia, the Judge Rogelio Valdez ordered the five-day confinement. The Judge also allowed for a modification of Garcia’s bond conditions but did not revoke his bond. If his parents cannot accompany him to an appointment an adult that been pre-approved by his probation officer can supervise.


Attempts to obtain a comment from 229th District Attorney Omar Escobar, who represented the state during the hearing, went unanswered.

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