RGC Police Searching for Person of Interest

The Rio Grande City Police Department are asking for help in identifying the person that drove away in a blue 2017 Nissan Maxima that was reported stolen.

Images were found in surveillance cameras that show the male subject driving off at about 2:15pm on June 19th.  The car was reported as stolen that same night.  Rio Grande City Police officers were dispatched to the shopping center located at 4031 E. Hwy 83 around 9:15pm. They made contact with a female, the owner of the car. She stated that she had left the car in the parking lot at 1:45pm and came back around 9pm but the vehicle was no longer at the location. The spare key she explained was out of state.

If you recognize the person or know his whereabouts, please contact the RGC Police Department at 956-487-8892.

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