RGCCISD Expected to Cause Controversy

Rio Grande City

The transition in board member for the Rio Grande City CISD has caused plenty of whispers around town and when a meeting agenda was made public the whispers echoed louder. Since the November election the newly formed board has yet to meet.

Canvassing was done the evening of November 15th, but that agenda had only the canvassing listed as
an item of discussion or action. A swearing in ceremony was held independently from the entity to
swear in the newly elected members; Basilio “Bacho” Villarreal, Eduardo”Eddie” Ramirez and Noe Castillo. Then came what appeared to be a lengthy negotiation to finalize the next meeting.
This one is set for Friday of this week, November 7th at noon with several important decisions expected to be made.

The first is the election of board officers and acknowledgement of the oath of office taken by the newly elected members. The positions of President, Vice President, and Secretary should be determined that day by majority vote. Aside from routine agenda items the next steps will be taken to approve tax considerations and waivers for Mesteno Windpower, LLC. Those items work collaborate with tax abatements requested from other
taxes entities in an effort to draw a sizable investment to Starr County.

However, two items have caused a stir; number 18 listed as consider and take possible action on
incentive stipend for ALL full-time employees in the amount of $1,500 per employee and number 19
listed as consider and take possible action on two-year extension of contract to ALL term contract

The first would give all employees an extra, unexpected, check. In total the cost to the
district is an estimated $3 million dollars. Extra money is, for most, something to cheer about but those incredulous to the $36 million-dollar fund balance are already scrutinizing the ability to afford the expenditure. As was reported in a past article, after the State of the District where the fund balance was publicly disclosed, the Chief Financial Officer for the district stands by the numbers previously disclosed. Current RGCCISD Board President Daniel J. Garcia explained that the item had been discussed during previous finance committee meeting but had not been placed on an agenda until now.

Number 19 is not a novel approach, in fact the move is common when the majority of a board is
expected to shift. It could provide job security for those that qualify.

The questions now and what has been fueling the talk around town are;

Who will be elected board President?

Will the employees of the district receive extra money this holiday season?

Can the district afford the expenditure?

and finally,

Will term contract employee receive job stability?

Our answers could soon be answered, and we invite you, our reader to watch with us as we stream live through our facebook page at noon on Friday, December 7th.

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