Rio Grande City CISD School Board Seeks to Uphold Meeting

In the latest move by the Rio Grande City CISD school board the four board members that met late last month are asking that the courts validate the meeting and order a restraining order against interim superintendent Roel Gonzalez.
A petition filed by the four members gives evidence to support their claim that they made every attempt to follow the order agreed by all parties that clarified how a meeting would be called. They place blame on interim superintendent Roel Gonzalez and then President Eduardo “Eddie” Ramirez for failing to comply with the procedure agreed upon. When the agenda for the meeting was placed the group alleges that having it removed twice is grounds for a charge of tampering with a governmental document and criminal trespass.
Additionally, a termination letter was submitted to human resources and a copy to Roel Gonzalez, but the interim superintendent stated he would not vacate the position without a court order. Given the outcome the group is seeking a temporary restraining order.
The other two board members named in the document, Eduardo “Eddie” Ramirez and Basilio “Bacho” Villarreal, however, believe that the motion ordering a stay for the fourth court of appeals means there is not to be a meeting until the hearing on the 7th.
During the meeting of the 28th the majority of the board met and aside from replacing the interim superintendent voted to replace legal counsel and reorganized the board. The confusion is that now depending on who you ask the district has two superintendents, two board presidents and two secretaries.

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