Starr County Arrests

Everyone is considered innocent until proven otherwise.  Note due to the policy of the Starr County Sheriff’s Office date of birth for those arrested is no longer provided.  If there is any question as to the identity of a person arrested please see our social media page for pictures.  Information will be uploaded every Saturday.


June 11, 2019

Arambula, Janette for furnishing alcohol to a minor.

Bazan, Ashley for theft property >$750<2,500.

Sanchez, Yokko Adriana for assault by contact.

Bazan, Leslie Linda for 14 counts of tamper with government school record.

Ortiz, Juan for aggravated assault, family, house with weapon.

Garcia, Juan Reyes for possession of marijuana.

Villarreal-Reyes, Jesus for two charge of violation motor fuel tax 3 or more.

Villarreal, Juan Manuel for evade motor fuel tax and transport moto fuel without shipping document.

Camacho, Gabriel for possession delivery drug, evading arrest detention, evading arrest with vehicle and unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Garza, Ovidio Jr. (1973) for active warrant.

Guerra, Marte Alejandro (1981) for public intoxication, possession use inhale/ingest violate chemical and possession of a controlled substance PG1<1G.

Ramirez, Jose (1986) for public intoxication.

Rios, Jose Manual (1974) for active warrant.


June 12, 2019

Corona-Santiago, Arturo (2000) for failure to identify giving false information and smuggling of persons.

Briones, Alberto (1980) for DWI 1st offense and open container.

Mireles, Fernando (1981) for possession of marijuana <2oz.

O’Conner, Demetrius (1991) for burglary of habitation.

Perez, Martha (1968) for three active warrants.

Rodriguez, Jay Lee (1984) for theft.

Garcia, Perfecto A. (1996) Inhalant paraphernalia use possession to inhale.

Diaz, Eddie Jr. (1988) for active warrant.

Garza, José Armando (1997) for active warrant.

Cruz, Javier Jr. (1990) for inhalant paraphernalia use and possession to inhale.


June 13, 2019

Lara, Manuel Jr. (1958) for manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance PG 1.

Bazán, Abel (1973) for duty on striking unattended vehicle.

Rivera, Concepcion (1969) for assault by contact.

Lopez, Gabriel (1972) for active warrant.

Gloria, Francisco III (1992) for active warrant for smuggling of persons.

June 14, 2019

Gonzalez-Garcia, Damian (1981) for DWI 1st.

Rosales-Cantu, Michael (1991) for possession of PG1<1G and smuggling of persons.

Martinez, Marciano Jr. (1989) for possession of a controlled substance PG 1< 1G and possession of marijuana <2oz.

Martinez, Eric (1989)  for possession of controlled substance PG 1<1G and possession of marijuana<2oz.

Pena, Alyssa (1985) for DWI.

Delgado, Maria Rubiola (1981) for possession a controlled substance PG2>=4G<400G, possession of a controlled substance PG3<28G and traffic offense.

Mares,, Jesús Ángel for active warrant.


June 15, 2019

Maldonado, Adolfo (1989) for assault by threat.

Borrado-Rodriguez, Alberto Antonio (1954) DWI 2nd.

Manuel, Elder (2000) for smuggling of persons.

Montalvo, Alberto (1978) for criminal trespass.

Morales, Francisco Gerardo (1995) for possession of marijuana <2oz.

Sepulveda, Leonel (1978) for criminal mischief >50<500 and theft serv >500<1500.

June 16, 2019

Quintana-Bencomo, Isidro (1969) for DWI 3rd or more.

Gonzalez, Orlando (2000) for possession of a controlled substance PG2>=4G<4000G and open warrant.

Ramos-Moreno, Placido (1968) for DWI.

Alaniz, José Israel Jr. (1993) for DWI.

Lopez-Hernandez, Mauro Dionisi (1981) for active warrant.

Canales, José Francisco for possession of marijuana <2oz.

Casiano, Michael Antonio (1999) for assault causing bodily injury.

De León, Armando G. (1985) for active warrant.

Mata, Hugo Alberto (1979) for possession of marijuana PG 2 <2oz.

Alvarez, Juan Carlos (1974) for DWI.

Zamarripa, Leonel Alexander (1993) for two active warrants.

Salinas, Jacqueline (1999) for DWI.

Sepulveda Jr., Leonel (1978) for theft of property and criminal mischief.

Yepez, David (1982) for DWI.

Uresti, Jorge  (1987) for evading arrest detention/vehicle 3rd and duty on striking fixture.

Reyna, Julio Alberto (2001) for DWI 1st.

Thurman, Rhonda (1976)for active warrant.

Toscano, Sandra (1975) for active warrant.

Orona, Johnathan (1997) for DWI, possession of a controlled substance PG 2>1G and possession of a controlled substance PG 3 <28G.

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