Starr County Arrests

Everyone is considered innocent until proven otherwise.  Note due to the policy of the Starr County Sheriff’s Office date of birth for those arrested is no longer provided.


August 6, 2019

Orlando, Anthony (1985) for active warrant.

Alvarado, Rigo (1988) for prohibited weapon-knuckles.

Cruz, Favian (2000) for possession of a controlled substance PG4<28G.

Gutierrez, Jose Manuel (1993) for DWLI with previous conv/susp.

Manuel Elder (2000) for possession of marijuana <2oz.

Villarreal, Jesus Carlos Jr. (1999) for possession of marijuana <2oz.

Aguirre, Adrian Erick (1994) for possession of marijuana<2oz.

Lopez, Alberto Jose (1979) for assault class C.


August 7, 2019

Munoz, Anahi (1993) for assault and resisting arrest.

Alvarado, Abelardo (1962) for assault.

Saenz, Daygoro Sadac (1985) for terroristic threat of family violence and criminal mischief.

Salinas, Rusbel (1993) for possession of a controlled substance PG2<1G, DWI 1st offense/open container, and possession of marijuana <2oz.

Aguilar, Jorge (1987) for public intoxication.

Barras, Rose Amanda (1989) for two charges of credit card or debit card abuse.

Quintanilla, David (1996) for burglary habitation intend other felony, arson and criminal mischief.

Vera, Patricia Lizette(1976) for two charges of theft.

Leal, Jose Elias (1988) for possession of a controlled substance PG2>4G<4000G and possession of marijuana.


August 8, 2019

Saenz, Armando (1997) for resisting arrest and assault family member.

Lopez, Dominica(1985) for possession of a controlled substance PG 3 <28G.

Siller, Michael (1996) for burglary of a coin operated/collection machine and theft of property >2,500<30k.

Longoria-Escobar, Juan Alfredo (1966) for active warrant.


August 9, 2019

Valadez, Jesus (1993) for capias warrant.

Villarreal-Barrera, Rolando (1970) for manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance PG1>=1G.

Espinoza, Pablo (1971) for manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance PG 1>=4G<200G.

Sanchez, Jaime Jr. (1995) for active warrant.

Trevino, Juan Carlos (1989) for assault by contact.

Trejo, Humberto Jr. (1992) for possession of a controlled substance PG 2<1G.

Villarreal, Ruben Oscar (1984) for public intoxication.


August 10, 2019

Gonzalez, Brianda Monic (2001) for aggravated assault date/family/house with weapon.

Alejo, Sandra (1994) for assault by contact family violence.

Bazan, Ashley(1991) for criminal trespass.

Garza, Manuel (1982) for assault CBI family member and interfer with emergency call.


August 11, 2019

Ballard, Halie Elizabeth (1999) for false report to peace officer.

Rios-Garcia, Angel (1985) for possession of a controlled substance PG1 <1G, assault on a public servant, resist arrest search or transport, criminal mischief >=750<2500, and false report to peace officer.

Pena Jr., Romualdo (1975) for criminal mischief.

Rojas-Jr., Carlos Hugo (1994) for assault CBI.

Reyes-Lucio, Raul Francisco (1979) for DWI 2nd offense.

Nunez-Chapa, Javier (1988) for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Lopez, Eloy Jr. (1991) for active warrant.

Munoz, Jeremaih (1993) for unlawful carry of a weapon.


August 12, 2019

Garza, Yajahira Lizette (1989) for possession of marijuana <2oz and possession of a controlled substance PG3<28G.

Trevino, Marisela (1972) for bench warrant.

Reyes-Fuentes, Jesus (1999) for public intoxication.

Elizondo, Gonzalo (1987) for criminal trespass.

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