Tell It Like It Is



The title “hero”, much like the word love, is frequently overused but it takes unique circumstances to witness true heroism.  With our nation seeing an increase of violence toward law enforcement now more than ever is the time to reflect on just what those in these positions willingly take on.


An officer, a human that has taken on a responsibility to protect and serve is not perfect.  Yes, I am aware that there are some officers that abuse their power, but I’ll tell you one thing the moment I get a threat, feel in danger or harassed I don’t hesitate to give them a call.  Over the course of the last five years that I’ve covered news in Starr County I have seen them investigate horrific crime scenes, conduct traffic at fatal accidents, restrain someone resisting arrest, give devasting news to a family member and ultimately remain calm in scenarios that most of us will never witness.


But it was Easter Sunday, when Starr County Sheriff’s deputies, Texas Rangers, Rio Grande City officers and District Attorney’s Office investigators processed the crime scene of Valeria’s murder that was truly eye opening.  It was seeing the sympathy in the eyes of those that I have seen nothing but strength.  It was seeing fire and anger fueling a difficult investigation.  But most of all it was seeing so many works tirelessly, without complain to process the scene and ultimately capture the suspect that demonstrated the value of their service.


The video depicting the arrest of the suspect, taken by his own family who argued that the officers were too aggressive, that gave me a brief glimpse of the danger they encounter. Not only did he attempt to flee out the window, but family members exposed young children to a combative situation.


Then at a parole hearing I saw the suspect attempt to intimidate an officer giving an incriminating statement against him.  Lastly when I called a couple of my contacts when I was being followed by his family members there was no hesitation to offer unconditional aid.  I know I have said it before but once more, THANK YOU to all those that serve and protect in any capacity.

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