Tell It Like It Is



When you can’t change facts go after the reporter.  Throughout the last three years I’ve been accused of being biased but in recent weeks this publication has been continuously attacked.  Not only did I, as the owner and featured reporter, receive a threat against my life but an elected official has taken his attacks to a new level.


Late Thursday night a blurb was written and posted on our social media site in regards, to the indictment of Lazaro Orlando Trevino Banda on a charge of indecency with a child.  Several days later I received a threat on my personal social media account with a picture of a beheaded individual.  The writing implied that if I wasn’t careful, I could end up like the person in the image. When the message went unanswered the profile under the name El Wero Banda made the threat public.  Since then the threat has been reported to the Starr County Special Crimes Unit and I have full faith that the person will be identified/located.


In a way those threats are the easiest to deal with.  Law enforcement in our county has always been an active partner and takes all threats seriously.


The second threat is much more worrisome.  An elected official using a blog like social media page has actively attacked an article that was not written to his liking.  I was largely unaware that I needed to make sure such elected official looked good.  Quite frankly I believed that my role is to simply report what happened.


What has been obvious in the last six months is the desire of this individual to discredit this publication.  In other words, an intentional and shameful attempt to silence a media outlet that the elected cannot control.


Let it be known that this media outlet will not allow for an elected official or criminal to silence us.  The loyalty of El Tejano has always been and remains with you, the reader.  Be careful of media outlets that have an agenda to push or have a loyalty based on their biggest political client.  Help us stand up to the elected, support El Tejano!

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