Tell It Like It Is



The citizens of Starr County have been used in political ploys for decades.  Democracy will only work if we the people see past the rosy picture campaigns pitch.


We complain about votes being bought with chicken plates, water or drinks but if we take a look back at history maybe the price for our vote have simply gotten cheaper.  Just over two decades ago the votes of two members of the democratic executive committee were bought by pot and a lot.


The move catapulted controversy and was ultimately settled in the courts to the tune of $50k.  Funny enough the democratic party likely never made the payment.


Maybe it’s a tall tale or maybe just maybe it’s a true story that the older political players would rather not relive.  There were two nominations to sort at and both equated to a great deal of political power.  The executive committee met in the spring and through majority vote the nominations were decided.  That’s that, right? Nope in the summer there was a change of heart fueled by 50 pounds of marijuana delivered past the checkpoint and a residential lot for a mobile home.  But how would they get it done?  The legality of the previous meeting was challenged by the top dog in the county.  Another meeting was called and this time the nominations were changed.


The previously nominated individuals sued (wouldn’t you?).  Unfortunately it didn’t change the nomination to get their names on the ballot but the party was ordered to pay $50k.


Moral of this piece of history or tall tale; pot and a lot can alter an election long before the chicken is thrown on or off the grill.



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