Trial for Rebollar Pushed to September 

Jesus Angel Rebollar, 18, was indicted on two charges of capital murder.

The murder trial for Jesús Angel Rebollar has been pushed back to  September 23rd by visiting Judge Jose Longoria.

Rebollar is the only man arrested and charged with the 2016 killing of Hector Garcia and his 3-year-old son Julian.  From the beginning however, the Starr County Sheriff’s Office stated that they believed several individuals were involved in the shooting.


Last week during final pretrial the District Attorney Office requested and was granted a continuance.  Assistant District Attorney Gilbert Hernandez-Solano explained that the ongoing investigation could reveal exculpatory evidence.   That could mean that Jesus Angel Rebollar could be exonerated or clear of the charge.  has been charged of the capital murder.  Hernandez-Solano stated that at least one other person was recently interviewed.  When asked if there was a new suspect District Attorney Omar Escobar clarified that the case has been on going and they have always believed more than one person could be involved.

Defense Attorney O. Rene Flores opposed pushing back the trial stating that unless there was clear evidence that would exculpatory to Rebollar he was not in agreement.  Flores reminded the those present that the prosecution has had over two years to prepare for the case.


Judge Longoria gave indication that he believed if there was a possibility that there could be evidence that would be favorable to Rebollar that it was important to allow for such evidence to be made available.


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