Unexpected Hail in Guadalajara Jalisco

An atypical and surprising hailstorm left several areas of Guadalajara, Jalisco, literally under the ice; the storm began on Saturday night and spread during the early hours of this Sunday.


In Jalisco a hailstorm hit Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque left at least 15 colonies affected by floods and ice blocks.


They looked like images of the ice age by the huge blocks of ice that formed, some up to two meters high.

Jalisco authorities are working to publicize a census of the damage caused by hailstorming. At the moment it is only known that there are no injured, or missing persons.


According to local media, in the colonies Atlas, Alamo Industrial, San Carlos and Rancho Blanco the accumulation of hail had a height of up to a meter and a half.


The downtown area of Tlaquepaque had the most emergency requests, by accumulation of hail.


In the face of the affectations, the municipal government recommended that important documents be safeguarded, contact with power cords avoided, kept warm, ingested hot liquids and emergency services numbers on hand.

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